Harjavalta Industrial Park

The Harjavalta Industrial Park (Suurteollisuuspuisto) is a 300-hectare industrial area on the banks of the Kokemäenjoki river. Its development got under way already in 1944 when Outokumpu's copper works were transferred from Imatra to Harjavalta for reasons of national security.

Two years later, a sulphuric acid plant was built next to it to produce raw material for fertiliser manufacturing from copper works gases. As the industrial area grew, a decade later metallic nickel production was added, soon followed by aluminium-based chemical production.

Today, the industrial area houses over a dozen companies employing more than a thousand employees. These companies are major metallurgy, chemical industry and process energy recovery experts as well as specialists in various supporting fields. In addition to this, there are employees from over a hundred subcontractors in the area.

The core values of the Harjavalta Industrial Park companies include responsible building for the future, taking into account safety, personnel and environment alike. The principle of sustainable development also requires finding new and better operating methods. Our competence is a combination of expertise and target-oriented operations for the common good.

The industrial area in Harjavalta was given its current name, the Harjavalta Industrial Park (Suurteollisuuspuisto), in the 2000s.

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Over thousand people work at the Harjavalta Industrial Park (Suurteollisuuspuisto)