Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy manufactures high-technology nickel products. Our raw materials allow us to manufacture high-quality products that are customised for their applications and satisfy our customers' wishes.

We are able to improve the quality of our nickel products even further by listening to our customers and ensuring we work in tight cooperation with them.



Product groups


NICKEL CATHODES contain 99.9 percent of nickel. Some 29 percent of the plant's production comprises of cathodes. Our largest customers use cathodes to manufacture coatings and alloy metals, especially stainless steel.

Nickel cathodes are used in coating processes that require particularly pure raw materials. The products are provided either cut to pieces in drums or as whole sheets.


NICKEL BRIQUETTES contain 99.8 percent of nickel. Briquettes amount to some 58 percent of the plant's production. Amongst other things, nickel briquettes are used in stainless steel manufacturing. They are resistant to mechanic wear and thus well-suited to be transported in bulk form by truck loads or packed in large bags.


NICKEL CHEMICALS – nickel sulphate, nickel hydroxide and nickel hydroxide carbonate – together as nickel make up 13 percent of the plant's total production.


NICKEL SULPHATE contains about 22 percent of nickel. It is produced from the same raw material as actual nickel metal products. A high purity grade and water-solubility are characteristic to nickel sulphate. Sulphate is also often used for electroplating because of its low amount of impurities. Another use for nickel sulphate is the tinting of anodized aluminium.




NICKEL HYDROXIDE contains about 62 percent of nickel. It is delivered to customers in bags and mainly used in the battery industry.



NICKEL HYDROXIDE CARBONATE contains 40 - 50 percent of nickel. It is produced from the same raw material as actual nickel products. The high purity-grade product is not water-soluble. It is used for corrosion prevention and in the electronics and chemicals industries.


AMMONIUM SULPHATE is a by-product of nickel production. It is used as a fertiliser or raw material for special-purpose fertilisers.