Miina works as an accounting assistant at Norilsk Nickel



The work day of accounting assistant Miina Iso-Ilomäki is spent working with numbers and figures at Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy, a nickel chemical and nickel metal manufacturer.

Studying accountancy as her major, Miina enjoys her work because she finds it both practical and varied.

Applying theories to practical accounting

Miina studies accountancy at the Turku School of Economics and works as an accounting assistant at Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy. The company employs nearly 300 people in Finland and manufactures nickel chemicals and nickel metals for industry use.

Miina is one of the ten employees in the financial administration unit and mainly works with numbers and figures.

"My work consists of internal reports to the management, fixed assets accounting and other financial administration tasks. I handle invoices, collect figures from different departments and monitor investments and costs," Miina describes her job.

"The main characteristic needed in this job is accuracy, and patience is helpful too. It is also important to get along well with others because I am constantly in contact with people throughout our organisation".

Miina's work routine is built around various regular reports and monthly tasks.

"I must, of course, follow certain fixed routines and schedules based on them, but otherwise I can largely plan my own work."

Accounting does not necessarily require advanced math studies

Miina grew up in Kokemäki and after her A levels started to study at the Pori Unit of the Turku School of Economics. She chose accountancy as her major on the basis of a friend's recommendation.

"I thought I could try accountancy and discovered I liked it. I am not especially gifted in mathematics and did not take advanced maths for my A levels. I have, however, done well in my studies, and accountancy feels like a clear and practical job," she continues.

Miina first ended up at Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy when looking for summer work a few years ago. The following Christmas she was able to join the company as a seasonal worker, after which she was offered more work in the accounts payable team. She spent the following summer at Norilsk and is now covering a maternity leave.

"I really enjoy working here. My colleagues are nice, and we have a great team spirit. We go out to lunch and coffee together and chat about everything during the day."

Miina is happy to get an opportunity to apply to practice what she has learned in the course of her studies and to learn new things all the time. This motivates her to complete her studies and develop her skills further.




Miina Iso-Ilomäki